Class Holiday Parties

Fall Class Parties
Morning Early Childhood will parade at 10:30 with the class parties from 10:45-11:15.
K-5th Grade will parade at 2:45 with class parties from 3:00-3:30.
Afternoon Early Childhood Parade and Party Times TBD.
Winter & Valentine Class Parties
Morning Early Childhood class parties are from 10:45 to 11:15.
K-5th Grade class parties are from 3:00 to 3:30.
Afternoon Early Childhood Party Times TBD.

Did you know that you can now order class party and birthday treats through Student Nutrition?

Its a great way to send in a birthday treat.  Try ordering from Crew 232 Catering and let the district’s Student Nutrition team prepare your choice of treat from their Classroom Catering Menu.  They even make sure the treats are safe for students with food allergies by ‘consulting with the school nurse to make all necessary substitutions for food allergies and intolerance’.

Birthday or Class Party Treats can be ordered from Crew 232 Catering a minimum of one week in advance.

Click here for the Classroom Catering Menu and additional information.  Download the Order Form here.