FAV-Kara Loftus

Amazon Wishlist URL
Colorspink, turquoise or anything bright
Sports TeamsDenver Broncos, KU Jayhawks
Salty SnacksCheezits, Goldfish, chips(any kind)
Sweet Snackschocolate (milk and dark), Swedish fish, Skittles, Starburst
Flowersany bright and colorful
Candy/Gumchocolate or anything fruity
Dessertscookies, muffins, cupcakes and bakery goods
Bottled Drinksiced coffee, water and Arnold Palmer
Scentsflowers or nature (no food scents)
QT Drinks/Sonic Drinks Cherry Limeade or tea
Starbucks Drinksany and all coffee
Take Out RestaurantsChipotle, Fazolis, Jimmy Johns, Pizza
Sit Down RestaurantsOlive Garden, The Other Place, Chili's
Local Restaurants (if not listed above)any really
Gift CardsWalmart, Target, Costco, Amazon, Quick Trip
Things I Collect
Items that help in my classroomTeachers Pay Teacher's, Places to buy classroom supplies
Allergies/Items to please avoidNo Soda