PTO Meeting Minutes 10/16/2023

Meeting Minutes for:  Belmont PTODate: October 16, 2023
Kaylee IngenthronJanie ConeHilary GillespieTiffany MeyerAndrea CookPam HargroveJen Sikkel

Treasurer Report
Papa Murphy’s total-$217.43
Feedback on Conference meal and snacks
Discuss Bingo Night (feb 9)
Get quotes for pies for teachers (date?)
Confirmed Date for Dance (April 5th)
Do we want/need restaurant nights for months of Jan, Feb, April, May?(Jan-Main Event, Feb.-Chipotle, April-Pink Charming??)
Do we have a Skate Night scheduled?

Upcoming Events:Halloween Parties
Teacher Pies
Account Balance: $14,021.46Profit: Papa Murphy’s-217.43, Bulldog Dash $691, T-shirts $795 
Expenses: $730- 3rd grade field trip, $139 Amazon Prime Membership, $120 Cheddar Up Membership
PTO pays $10/student for grade level field trips.  Grade levels can take 1 or 2 field trips, but will only receive a total of $10/student from PTO.  Staff liked Sombreros for conferences and also liked the snacks in the lounge.  All Grant Fairy requests will be due by November 17th.  We will start requesting books for Bingo Night in January.Decided no restaurant nights in February due to Bingo Night and no restaurant night in April due to Steam Night.  Instead of giving teachers a pie for Thanksgiving Break, we will be bringing in pies for staff to taste on November 16th (due to no school the week before Thanksgiving).  American Education Week is November 13-17.  We will be providing a drink bar (water, water packets, coffees, and sodas on Monday the 13th) and pies to taste on Thursday the 16th.Steam Night is April 26th.  

Action Items:
Jen Sikkel will send out grant fairy information to teachers/staff.  All grant fairies will be due by November 17th.  Kaylee Ingenthron will update and share Bingo Night Donations Document to PTO membersAndrea Cook will decide theme name for American Education Week treats.  Andrea Cook will find pricing on pies for staff to taste on November 16 (Tippen pies)Pam Hargrove will ask Nanette dates for upcoming skate nightsKaylee Ingenthron will plan restaurant nights for January and May.  Tiffany Meyer will be updating the PTO bulletin board to display upcoming events.