PTO Meeting Minutes 11/27/2023

Meeting Minutes for:  Belmont PTODate: November 27, 2023

Kaylee Ingenthron
Andrea Cook
Pam Hargrove
Jen Sikkel
Hilary Gillespie
Janie Cone
Nanette Mills
Amber Williams


Treasurer Report
Papa Johns-$207.80
Feedback on drinks/pies
Grant Fairy Requests
Update Donations for Bingo Night
Discuss items to be purchased for Bingo Night (Budget)
Discuss Raffle Ticket Prices
Staff Holiday Gifts

Upcoming Events:
-12/6 Sombreros Night
-12/18 PTO Meeting
-12/19 Skate Party
-12/21 Winter Parties
Account Balance:
Profit: $23.83 

Expenses: $394.40 (pies and drinks teachers)

Budget for grant fairy is $3,500
Our tax renewal form needs updated
Feedback from drinks/pies from teachers was positive.  12 pies was enough
Updated donation collections for Bingo night.  Discussed we have a great start.  We need the $500 from Prieb.
Some items for Bingo Night to consider to purchase were (Lego sets, back of door basketball goal, drone, kindle fire, scooter, 2 bikes (small and big), art sets, board games, Switch Game, Retro Arcade game, 3D pen, Magna tiles).
Budget for Bingo Night items: $500
Raffle ticket prices-1 ticket-$1, 6 tickets $5, 12 tickets-$10.
Grant Fairy Requests:
-Supply Closet items ($600) (approved) 
-2nd Grade-Clock Set (will discuss with building teachers to see if other teachers have a set they aren’t using)
-1st grade- Supplemental Writing Curriculum from TPT ($64) (approved)
-Music Teacher-Ukulele Chord Changer ($25) and Adaptive recorders (3) ($15) (approved)
-Reading Intervention-Extra Reading Workbooks-price unknown–Will check with district first before approving
-Counselor-12 high wobble stools ($79 each).  Will need more details about who will get to use them.  
Staff Holiday Gifts-Approved $10 Amazon gift card for support staff.  Classroom teachers receive gifts from their students typically.  
Winter parties-held on the last half day of school.  Teachers will get to decide the time of their parties.  There will be no big winter wonderland party for the entire school.  

Action Items:

Janie will renew tax exempt form
Andrea will purchase $10 Amazon gift cards for support staff (55-60)
Janie will purchase grant fairy request for music teacher
Janie will reimburse 1st grade team for grant fairy request (writing TPT)
Kaylee and Andrea will purchase items for Bingo Night