FAV-Jennie Lewis

Amazon Wishlist URL
Colorsred, yellow
Sports TeamsRoyals, Chiefs
Salty Snackscashews, peanuts, pistachios
Sweet SnacksReese's Pieces, Almond Joy, Snickers
FlowersRoses, any
Candy/Gummint gum, Wintergreen Life Savers
Dessertscupcakes, key lime pie, peanut butter pie
Bottled Drinkswater, sweet tea
Scentslavender, eucalyptus
QT Drinks/Sonic Drinks Sweet tea, Cherry Limeade
Starbucks DrinksCarmel Apple Spice and Carmel Frappocinno
Take Out RestaurantsArby's, Taco Bell
Sit Down RestaurantsRed Lobster, Olive Garden, Applebee's
Local Restaurants (if not listed above)
Gift CardsVisa, Walmart, Target, movies, music
Things I CollectWillow tree figurines, teacher things
Items that help in my classroom
Allergies/Items to please avoid