FAV-Shar Grauer

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Colorsroyal blue, lavender
Sports TeamsKC Royals, Indiana State baseball
Salty Snackswhite cheddar popcorn, almonds, ranch flavored sunflower seeds
Sweet Snacksstrawberry licorice, Twix, caramel apple lollipops
FlowersGerber daisies or anything perennial
Candy/Gumspearmint or cinnamon flavored
Dessertsany kind of cheesecake, lemon bars, cinnamon roll, Scotchroos
Bottled Drinkstea, lemonade, Diet Dr. Pepper, water
ScentsFor a warmer: lavender, baked apple pie, cinnamon roll
QT Drinks/Sonic Drinks iced tea, lemonade, lemon berry slush
Starbucks DrinksWarm or Iced Caramel Macchiato, warm Pumpkin spice
K-CupsCinnabon cinnamon roll, hazelnut, butter toffee
Take Out RestaurantsChipotle, Arby's, Twisted
Sit Down RestaurantsJose Peppers, Cheesecake factory, Q39, KC Joes
Local Restaurants (if not listed above)Knub's Pub, Sombreros, The Other Place
Gift CardsTeacher Pay Teacher, Target, Walmart, Amazon, Michaels
Things I Collectn/a
Items that help in my classroomClorox wipes, paper towels
Allergies/Items to please avoidDue to classroom restrictions--please avoid peanut and nut products