Kelly Hyer

Amazon Wishlist URL
Colorsturquoise and black
Sports TeamsKU basketball, Royals
Salty Snacksgluten free pretzels
Sweet Snacksdark chocolate
Flowerssunflowers and daisies
Candy/Gumyork peppermint patties
Dessertsice cream
Bottled Drinkstea
Scentspine and wine
QT Drinks/Sonic Drinks peach green tea, unsweetened tea
Starbucks Drinksmacha green tea frappachino
Take Out RestaurantsPei Wei, chipotle
Sit Down Restaurantsspin pizza, jose peppers
Local Restaurants (if not listed above)barley's brewhaus
Gift Cardsshoes
Things I Collect
Items that help in my classroomexpo markers, stickers, sharpies
Allergies/Items to please avoidgluten