Taylor Grace

Birthday 8/1
Position 5th Grade
Allergies / Dietary restrictionslavender
Candy3 Musketeers, Sour Patch Kids, Reese’s
DrinkDiet Coke, smoothies
Fast FoodAny sandwich place, Wendy’s, ice cream!! 🙂
HobbyBeing active, reading, experiences with friends and family
LotionCoconut, vanilla
Place(s) to ShopMarshall’s, Amazon, Target (of course!)
Restaurant(s)Summit Grill, Nick and Jake’s, Vitality Bowls, almost any!
ScentPeppermint, “cozy” scents
SnackCrackers, cereal, desserts
Sonic DrinkDiet Coke, diet ocean water
Is there anything you would prefer not to receive or have enough of?
Is there anything else we should know?I also love handwritten notes. 🙂